Break Info

What is a "group card break" & how does it work?

In general, a card break is taking sealed product/products and opening them all on a Live Feed. A group of participants will have teams belonging to them. Every card that belongs to one's team, will be properly packaged & shipped out accordingly.

When should I expect my cards?

Cards are mailed out on a weekly basis, generally on Mondays. All cards are properly taken care of, packaged, & shipped via USPS First Class/USPS Priority Mail.

What is the difference between PYT & RT?

A PYT break (Pick Your Team) is where all teams may be individually purchased by customer choice. This is great for the individual who knows the exact team they would like & price they will pay. 

A RT break (Random Team) is one in which a Flat-rate is assigned for the break. When the break is sold out, a randomizer is utilized to determine which teams belong to whom. This is great for landing higher asset teams for a cheaper cost.

What is a 'Hit Draft'?

A hit draft is a format which can be used for higher end Hobby Box breaks typically containing 7 cards or less. Each entry is guaranteed to recieve 1 card. will be used to determine the order in which group participants may pick their card of choice.

I purchased a spot in a break, when will the the Live Break take place?

Breaks may take place at any point from Noon EST - Midnight EST. Generally, a 2+ hour heads up is given to accommodate scheduling needs. Check out the private Facebook group listed below for more information.

Where can I watch the break?

The Live Feed for ALL breaks are currently held in the private Favebook Group:

"Brad's Stadium Breaks"

Feel free to join the group today! Simply enter "Brad's Stadium Breaks" into the search bar on Facebook & request to join. All applicants are vetted & approved within a timely manner.

I purchased into a 'random teams' Break, where can I view the Live Randomizer?

Team Randomization can be viewed in the same Facebook group as listed above. Randomization is conducted using ''

I have a question/concern I would like to report.

Please direct all inquiries to:

All emails will be responded to within a timely manner.